Velicia Raspberry Ketone capsules

Velicia Raspberry Ketone...

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Velicia Raspberry Ketone capsules Boost metabolism, promotes weight loss & energy assistance

Technical Details
Specialty : No Artificial Colours
Ingredient Type : Vegetarian
Brand : Velicia
Age Range Description : Above 18 years (Man and women)

Raspberry Ketone, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Green Tea Extract

Take one capsule twice a day with water half an hour before meal or as a dietary supplement.

Legal Disclaimer:
All the information furnished here are true as per best of our knowledge. However, consumers are advised to see product label for detailed information.


Velicia Raspberry Ketone are the compounds found in red raspberries that give them their tantalizing aroma. Used traditionally to flavor foods and beverages, it is only recently that raspberry ketones have been explored for their fat reducing potential for weight management.


*Disclaimer: Result may vary from person to person

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