Teenage perceptive towards health

The toughest job is this world is to be a teenager, trust me it is harder than being a prime minister of a country. I find myself at the point of scrutiny of most of peers, all the parents that we meet and my parents , uff!!. Just don’t ask how I look and how I should look .An everyday scene at school would be so predictable ..Classmate girl ,” Hey what’s up ! You look fat. Are you eating too many chocolates,hope you are not umnnn heart broken ? “Just hearing this, off goes my confidence. Girls are nuts, they will complain whisper just to make the other feel outcast, boys are good but boys will be boys, I am just wondering what’s wrong in being just a bit rounded and healthy or is it that my clothes are bursting at the seams.

Another class mate, boy.”Hi there, what is with you these days, are you dieting?” Sounds like I am on Karan Johar`s show“ Now this was enough to make me feel native African, malnourished . Would anyone please tell me how I look! Will the mirror on the wall, for god sake speak the truth ,the only truth .”How do I look ? Fat or thin?” No one can understand the misery of being teenager except a teenager. Cheese is fattening, coke is bad, chips have too much salt ,pizza is white flour ,burgar is bad. ..than what is left to eat. Yes. yes I know that greens are good, milk is great for bones and my height , iron is needed for chums and exercise is important .We need to go out and play in sun. But hello …Where is the time with the tons of books stacked on my head. Give me good food in tiffin, give me green in the school canteen not pakora, give me my multi vit ,I can take all this all time but only if you understand what is going on in my head.

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