key benefits of health supplement

The modern life style is fast paced with people racing to life and success at a speed that only known to them. There was a time when the luxurious lunches use to end up with long discussions on novels, plays and movies .nowadays the breakfast is pre packed food, lunches in office and dinner is a late night fatty affaire. On this sad quest the health has taken a back seat only to be reminded by a doctor’s visit that we are missing something. Lamenting! Yes: coz it’s not easy for everyone to have three home cooked meals that are nutritious and fulfilling in dietary terms. More so for the ones that are new couples, singles, elders and working ones. Gladly there is help through dietary supplements or health supplements.

They come neatly packed in many forms and are mini assistants to our missing elements of health in the name of vitamins, mineral and micro minerals. They fulfill the needs of good nutrition unfilled by some of our daily meals because every meal cannot supplement our everyday need of vitamins and minerals as some or the other requirement remains unfulfilled. The soil also plays an important role in food as the crop and the output depends on the soil. With the increase of chemical fertilizers the nutrients have gone down hence the need for supplements is high. Vitamins / health supplements not only help and benefit the body but also help the mental health as well.

Many studies have proven that the right amount of vitamins and minerals can cure depression, anxiety etc. Use of vitamin D in treating depression is well known fact. In general multivitamin and mineral supplement can also be a good safeguard against periodic nutrient shortfalls in the diet. The new age supplement have anti-oxidants that benefit the body by removing the free radicals from the blood and keeping us youthful. Herbal supplements are like vitamins but are sourced from nature. In India the whole Ayurveda , the ancient Indian medical science, is based on plants and herbs to cure and heal .it is cultural to use neem /margosa leaves for keeping away the pest , use of curry leaves as they lower cholesterol, coconut for healing skin . Turmeric has ever been used by Indians in food, is now accepted by west as an important ingredient for treatment of arthritis and stomach ailments. The plant based or herbal medicine and supplement are is gaining popularity as an alternative.

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