5 ways to stay Stay fit under pressure

Today it is the time when the entire world is so vigilant about their health that they are taking it to next level and it has become the main topic of conversation, priority of life and because of this the health industry is becoming bigger and bigger day by day.One click of mouse has million tips as Dieting, Zumba, different kind of healthy recipes, healthy foods, articles and millions tips of lifestyles. The million dollar question today is how to maintain health under so much mental pressure, physical stress, lack of time and lack of physical strength as it is taking a toll on our health which is the ultimate wealth. Our today’s generation’s lifestyle is basically relying on mental work, peer pressure to perform better,stay in competition, complete targets but no body movement. The suggestion would be that first there should be slight change in lifestyle so even without dieting or exercising they can be benefited for example Take some time out for a walk in park as that not only give you oxygen but the most easiest way for overall health improvement, while going to office instead stairs take elevators that give exercise to knee joint,yes!!! We read it in many articles and give advice to others but when we reach office, we are in so much hurry that our mind cheats us and we slip in elevator. Try ten minutes of silence in morning with peace in mind you can have a great day,so first of all there should be change in our thought as our mentality is controlled by our feelings, beliefs and attitudes.

Go for smoothies and juices as they have multiple health benefits , rejuvenates skin fill you hunger and keeps you away from many deceases, you sleep better think clearly and have lot of energy. A positive mind, firm belief and strong positive happy attitude is key principle to weight loss. It is not at all necessary to stay hungry as you if you go back to your childhood and remember what kind of cooking used to be, it was simple vegetarian food consisting of Roti, dal, vegetables, curdand rice everything and obesity was not such a big problem as it is today, because a balance food is what we require today also due to lack of time we turn to fast food like pizza pasta etc.. Which is not good. So try to eat a balanced diet on time so body gets adequate time to digest it not deposit it in form of fat.

Today market is flooded with different kinds of Natural,Herbal Ayurveda product, it is confusing which one to go for, as they all say the same kind of story. The thing that matter today most is the ingredients used in it. One can choose any Natural product as Green Coffee Beans, asthey consist having only Natural ingredient such as Cholorogenic Acid which has many benefits in one container without having any side effect. They are available in different brands .

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