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When we hear this word GREEN what comes in your mind? If I talk about mine, then ummm. I ll say healthy or eco-friendly or organic or something like that isn’t it? This “Green” gives us satisfaction that it is biotic and doesn’t contain any harmful material and so as the GREEN COFFEE. One must…
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I Will Not Be Stopped!

The brain behind a healthy man with busy life who understands that exercise should be enjoyable not punishable! In today’s world most of the women are following this “anthem”. If we compare the current status of women, we can say that it is really improving gradually day by day. They are flaunting their inner beauty…
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Let Happiness Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Happiness!

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” looks good in quotes and essays but when time comes to implement, it feels impossible after spending yesterday night by partying and hanging out it becomes difficult for the next day routine . Here are some life hacks to boost your boring,…
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5 ways to stay Stay fit under pressure

Today it is the time when the entire world is so vigilant about their health that they are taking it to next level and it has become the main topic of conversation, priority of life and because of this the health industry is becoming bigger and bigger day by day.One click of mouse has million…
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Teenage perceptive towards health

The toughest job is this world is to be a teenager, trust me it is harder than being a prime minister of a country. I find myself at the point of scrutiny of most of peers, all the parents that we meet and my parents , uff!!. Just don’t ask how I look and how…
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