About US

Having catered successfully to the healthcare industry for many years. Velicia India offers a large range of health related products. Just like you, we care about your health and well being!

Our staff are highly qualified and provide our customers with an exceptional shopping experience and qualified advice. At Velicia, we believe in offering our staff continued support in their training and education as they provide valuable information to our costumers.

All Our Products are manufactured following FSSAI rules & regulations and then delivered with love and care to your home.

Our Motto
Stay happy with healthy shopping!!

Our Mission
To be the gateway to healthy living.
Our mission is to offer our customers the highest quality health products .
To increase the access and availability of their healthcare products in both urban and rural India and at affordable prices.

We want your feedback!
Please share with us any ideas on how we can make your online shopping experience better, or products that you are searching for, as well as your personal experience with products you have purchased from Velicia India.

Our entire team is passionate to deliver a memorable online shopping experience and we work round the clock to enhance each shopping visit.

If You have any question about your order, or about any products we sell? please call on Our Toll Free Number 1800-2744302 or mail us at info@velicia.co.in. You can rely on our friendly staff to help you out.